Work in Progress

Just a quick update: The product that I am developing has been taking up most of my flexible time. A Chinese manufacturer is working on samples now. Due to usual length of time in shipping from there and some virus thing that has been on the news, I am not sure if I will get the sample in weeks or months. The manufacturer has not said anything about a delay….yet. The package design is almost done but there are a few requirements and images that I cannot produce until I have the samples. In the meantime, please enjoy my Easter Bunny fun time creation 🙂

Update: The above link for Society6 is broken as they chose to “suspend” this art image. I have inquired as to why but have not heard back yet. –Heard back a few days later and they did reinstate the selection :). **New update. I took this image down.


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Active Art Designs was created to have a centralized area to share art, designs, and other creative endeavors.

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