Finish the Project

Kayla's Adventures Crystal Cave Cover

The picture book series is finally finished. Kayla may have more to do in the future, but this series is done. This last book was planned as two but as words hit the page, I realized that to extend the story to that length, it would need scenes that did not move the story forward. After the story was written, it felt done but I knew unless it was followed to publication, it would float over me as an unfinished project that I had made a commitment to myself to complete.

Now on to finish some other projects!


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3 thoughts on “Finish the Project

    1. You have a few branches too :). When I really started getting into projects a few years ago, I made a decision to allow for experimentation on things I was drawn to but to also try to make sure I didn’t just end up with a lot of things started and abandoned. If a project hits a dead end, or I know it has gone as far as makes sense for current resources available, then I’m ok with packing up for storage or tossing if needed. The books were firmly in the “I can finish this,” even if not as grand or perfect as my original vision. One of over my arching goals is to not end up with several ‘what ifs’ 20 years from now. As in, “I had this great idea. Wonder what would have happened if…”

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