Chair Cane Instruction and Information Page

The Chair Cane is sold exclusively on Click the image below to be taken to the amazon product page.

Failure to use the Chair Cane properly may result in falls and/or injury, including severe injuries. Consult your physician and therapist prior to use.

Follow ALL chair/commode directions and recommendations. The Chair Cane is not intended for use with broken and/or malfunctioning equipment.

To clean: Warm water on a soft towel is recommended. Test a small spot with any cleaner to ensure it is safe for the surface. If the product gets wet, wipe dry and ensure no water is trapped inside the metal braces or rubber attachments.

Click here for Store Page on Amazon

Chair Cane instructions
Chair Cane TM, Patent Pending
Chair Cane 3:1 Accessory image. Product development idea to sales

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