Finding Old Photos

I had some COVID era time on my hands and decided to straighten up my office. I found an old SD card and popped it in Lightroom. The canyon photos are from a trip in 2013 to Page Arizona. It is amazing how many colors can be pulled from the walls of the canyons. Slight changes in camera settings can change everything. Editing can take you to another world.

The Hawk with his lunch was taken the same year, but from a boat on the St. Johns River in Florida. The card was not full. I am not sure how the two trips ended up on the same card, but it was fun to revisit that year.

Do you have any old SDs around? Maybe a journal with memories that have faded?


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6 thoughts on “Finding Old Photos

  1. All of these photos are incredible! I would love it if you could check out my blog x


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