One of a Kind Gift to Make for Children

Kayla jumping to escape the giant puddle

What is a unique gift that does not have to cost a lot?

Writing a story.

You can write a story for them to read. You can write a story to be read to them.

You can write a bedtime story with deep meaning. You can write a fun rhyme.

You can write it on notebook paper or type it out. Maybe just record yourself reading it.

I chose to write a story and hire someone on Fiverr to illustrate the book. I did not pick the the most experienced and costly person I could find but someone whose samples were in a style that fit the story. There are people who will do watercolor paintings and some that stick to digital drawings.

The illustrator sent me the files in different file formats. I needed to make some changes. Once it was uploaded to KDP, I needed to make some more changes. I believe that in transferring the files from Adobe illustrator to Photoshop to Acrobat several times I must have compressed the file at least once when I saved it. The color of the images does not look exactly right. I will wait until the author’s copy gets here to edit. First, after days of staring at it, I’m tired of editing. The way I am processing the images takes each one through 3 different programs to get the format and sizing correct. There may also be another issue with the book that will not be noticeable until I am looking at the physical copy.

I did have fun making it and am already planning books two and three. Now that I have done it, I am sure the next time will be easier. There are people on Fiverr that you can send the book to and they will return a PDF file ready for upload.

If you are not doing a picture book, handling the files may be a little easier but I am betting the first time you upload it you may need to tweak your format.

There are places other than Amazon and KDP to publish your book. Teespring even has a way to set up a digital book now. I have only tried a regular image, so I am not sure how their book program, works.

KDP did have different price options. Distribution settings influenced the price minimums of both paperback and Kindle versions. There was something that seemed to indicate that because it was a picture book, there would be added fees for readers to download the book if you choose some price and royalty options. I plan on reviewing my choices and playing with the options to see if there is a better combination, but this really was intended to be a gift for a specific little one.

This was my first time publishing a book. I pondered throughout if hanging out with writers on social media/IRL was going to turn me into a writer. I could hear tweets in my head about issues I was coming across as I went through the process. To my friends that write the books with the words, I give much respect. A 32 page picture book may be as close as I get to your language artistry. Surprise!


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