Happy New Year 2021

I remember, a few years ago, everyone wishing a year would end because so many beloved celebrities were dying. I am pretty sure that every year since, people have been ready to start a new year with new hope that it would not be as bad as the last. I have that hope for 2021. One thing 2020 has taught me is to not try to cope by declaring, “well it can’t get much worse.”

Next year will have its challenges to be sure. I do hope that mountains become hills and miles become inches; Hurdles become thresholds and hate turns to love.

I also dearly hope that whatever combination of arrogance, ego, and honest mistakes manifests in 2021, that it does not cost as much death and suffering as it did in 2020. Even if the struggles are great, may there be enough laughter and joy to balance the scale.

From the ashes of 2020, may 2021 bring new growth


Published by Katie

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