Artist Shout Out: LEMANSHOTS

Josephine R. Unglaub is a photographer and digital artist living in Germany. I came across her blog, Lemanshots – Fine Pictures and Digital Art awhile back and made sure to note her page. The images are stunning and mind bending. I love the surreal feeling she creates with her compositions and color choices. With permission, I am sharing some of her images here. There were so many that I enjoyed, it was hard to choose. I attempted to present a nice variety and encourage you to click the link above to check out more of her work.


Holiday Coloring Pages

I spent a good bit of time designing holiday images for a Zazzle contest. I did not expect to win, but figured my chances were better than the lottery. You can use designs loaded on their site, create a design on their site, use your own photo/design, or any combination of the above. They have all kinds of different products (shirts, wine labels, cards, shoes).

Here are some of my designs that you can print out to use at home. I will add a link at the bottom if you want to find them on Zazzle.

Snowman and Dog Winter coloring
Free Holiday Coloring Image Fireplace

New Abstract Painting Collection

acrylic texture
Abstract Acrylic texture

I began playing with paint textures back in college. There is something about exaggerating brush strokes and playing with how thick the paint lays on the canvas that tickles my brain. I also get to play with tools and tools are always fun!

The collection is not done yet but I could not wait any longer to share my new paint carvings.

I love walking through the forest. Florida State Parks are a beautiful resource to use for reconnecting with nature.
Fall colors Lake Side
Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Matthew 7:15
Idealist reality Abstract acrylic Painting
Hard to stay an idealist when surrounded by the night
Blood Moon Textured painting
Blood Moon

Do you have a favorite creative tool?

Acrylic Pour & Spray Paint

I love layers and combining techniques. This painting was a lot of fun to make.

I began with a flower pot acrylic pouring experiment. I liked the painting but did not love it. This made it the perfect recruit for this spray paint technique. Planned out and masked my favorite sections of the painting and went to space.

The video editing got away from me a little on this one but if you would like to see the process:

I have started an abstract acrylic painting series that emphasizes textures and layers. There are peeks at it on some of my other SM accounts.


Tik Tok: @active_art_design

Hope you are having a beautiful day!

Artist Shout Out: Miss Diagnoses

The International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society (ILADS) is having their annual conference right now. Lyme and tick born diseases are complicated and can be misdiagnosed for a host of reasons.

It is for that reason that I thought it would be the perfect time for me to pen a post that I had been thinking about for weeks. This is an artist I have followed and admired for a long time.

Vicki Novinsky at creates cartoon art that entertains and informs. She brings a lightheartedness to serious issues, making them more approachable. Vicki’s humor and style have allowed many in the Lyme and other chronic illness communities to relate and have a laugh over some small and some big frustrations that we run into.

Brain fog jeopardy game show

Miss Diagnoses had wonderful, recent interviews published by and The Mighty. So if you are interested more in the story that led her to create these wonderful pieces, I encourage you to check out her blog and these articles.

Lymie Movie Classics Blair Itch Project
People trying to remember names when they run into each other
Spoonie awards non-accredited medical degree
MissDiagnoses Lymie Skills Faking pregnancy
At least my disease is not controversial


Facebook: Miss Diagnoses



Color in a Pumpkin

Want to carve a pumpkin? I copied it into a word document so that I could size it to the page. It worked for me. Let me know if you try it and it does not work. Happy Halloween!

coloring pumpkin outline

I used this file as a part of a POD project on Zazzle.

Childhood Art Memories

Do you remember early childhood art projects?

Sitting at the demoted kitchen table that now sat at the foot of the complete set of The World Book Encyclopedia, I glued construction paper to an empty tissue box. These boxes take on all sorts of Crayola magic, though they do tend to turn into buildings most often.

The smell of rubber cement was intoxicating. I am not sure when Elmer became cement, but it could be found in the old, white painted cabinet that sat on the green shag in the corner of the basement. I remember the label warning of certain death if it was consumed. I, of course, then had to dab just a tiny molecule of it on my tongue to prove them wrong.

There were several crayon/marker/pencil drawings. Mostly images of a house with a chimney and maybe a tree. The most popular and enduring image in my brain, I am pretty sure I copied off of a friend. I must have drawn versions of this a hundred times over the years.

childhood coloring

And then there was Tom the Whale….

I was intermittently obsessed with carving a whale out of Ivory soap. I carved in his name at least once. The first completed masterpiece was the victim of a dog attack. Pretty sure that I broke the tail off of the second. I really do not remember how many whales there were, but some Ivory was sacrificed.

The last big art project was a large, colorful clay piece that was done for a book report. It was for one of the books in The Great Brain series by John Dennis Fitzgerald. It depicted a horse race. There was a wood railing, horseshoe prints in the grass, and 2 horses–according to my memory. I have no idea how those horses were standing up. I remember hiding toothpicks in the clay but it was not the kind that you can bake.

What is the first art project you remember doing?

Spilling Knowledge

I just uploaded a long video to YouTube. I piled up a bunch of my most used supplies and described them and different techniques I use. The focus is on the acrylic pouring supplies and techniques. There is a sort of time stamp, table of contents in the description.

Canyon River

I created the video in hopes of maybe helping someone but also I thought it would be a great marker to go back to in the future. A bit of a journal entry. I wonder what I will be doing in 5 or 10 years. Will I be using some of the same things, or will everything be different? An art time capsule for me to go back to and re-discover.

New Shout Out – Raku

Around the time I moved into my first house, I bought 2 pieces of art. One was a limited edition, art print by Marcel Mouly The other was a Raku pot that I found on eBay. I did not know that much about it, but I thought it looked cool and would fit in with how I was decorating one of the rooms. I hired a painter during the move process and turned out that he made Raku pottery, though was in a transition period because the pigment he liked to use had been outlawed due to its toxicity. (If I remember right).

I am not sure when I first saw thealchemistspottery website, but there you can find some really nice Raku pieces. Here is a video from his site that shows a bit of the process and some of the work.

This is a seperate post made for one of the pieces.

raku pottery vase by The Alchemist's Studio
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